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VERSD is the next generation technology for businesses and creators in Culture and Sports. We help manage bookings, create rewards and reach niche communities of passionate individuals. On top of that, we support communities by sponsoring events, promoting talents and providing perks to help talents start their business
  • How to reset your password?
    On the login page, click on "reset password?". It will send you an email with a link. Click on the link on mobile to reset your password !
  • How to contact the VERSD team?
    You can DM us on Instagram at @versdofficial or email us at . Our team will get back to you !
  • How can I leave a review?
    We love feedback! Your reviews help us improve the app and make it even better for our community. To leave a review, simply open the app store and search for our app. We appreciate the feedback!
  • How do I get on VERSD?
    We’re a social and educational platform for subcultures to connect and foster communities. We are mobile only for the moment. You can find us on IOS and Android!
  • How can I change my profile information?
    While in the app, select your profile on the bottom right corner. Once you’re on your profile, select the settings icon on the top right corner. On the settings page, you can update your personal information, payout or payment details as well as any other information regarding your account!
  • How can I share a class with a friend?
    To share a class, simply select the class or event you’d like to share and click the icon on the top right corner. You can choose to share a link or a QR code.
  • How to manage registration and judging on VERSD?
    The cheat sheet you need for every event! After clicking on your roster link in the app, you will have access to 4 main features on web. You can navigate between features by clicking on the menu in the top right corner: Roster: this view shows you all signups by groups. It uses the categories you created in the event details. You can see users' tickets and have the ability to check them in/out. You can filter on groups and check-in status. Lastly, you can export all your signups in the top right corner Register: you can add participants to your roster by clicking on "register +" in the top right corner. This is an easy questionnaire that guests or yourself can input Prelims: this view enables you to move participants (drag and drop) through different stages to keep track of who is selected, won, etc. You can make as many lists as you want and navigate from one to another in the top right corner. You can navigate between lists by clicking on the list name in the top right corner Brackets: you can create brackets for your top 4 to top 32. Once created, you can click on a box and select a participant. Afterwards, the participant will show on the bracket. You can create as many as you want. You can navigate between brackets by clicking on the bracket name in the top right corner
  • How do you create a class or event?
    To create a class or event on VERSD, follow these steps: - Create a creator account here, - Go on your profile and click on "+ Listing" - Choose between a new Class and Event - Once your listing is created, push it live and your community will be able to book you!
  • How do you add payout details?
    - Go to your VERSD profile and click on settings - Once there, click on "Payout" to add your bank account details - All bookings will be paid out automatically to this account
  • How do I get promoted?
    Join our creator program to access benefits and support for your classes and events. Also get access to gigs and opportunities within your targeted industries!
  • How can I get a list of my community?
    On the VERSD app, make sure you’re using the Creator view. You can change this in your profile settings. On the bottom middle, you’ll be able to see a summary of your statistics including ratings, earnings, and more. On the bottom, you can click the “Contacts” button to receive an email with all your sign ups.
  • How can I earn points? What can I use them for?
    As you publish classes and engage with your community, you can earn points and unlock amazing perks with the VERSD Coin. Creator perks include sponsored video shoots, discounts on rentals, gift cards and much more!
  • Can I get refunded?
    Yes you can get refunded fully if you cancel bookings 48h before your class or event!
  • How to find classes and events?
    When creating an account, you’ll have access to our Discovery page where you can search based on subculture, location, event-type, and creator. You can also follow or add to Favorites your top creators to stay notified !
  • How to earn rewards?
    For each booking you do on VERSD, you will earn VERSD coins that you can redeem on future bookings for discounts! Your points will also give you access to all kind of perks!
  • How do I contact creators?
    On the app, select the creator you want to get in touch with. Once you’re on their profile, select the messaging icon on the top right corner and message away!
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