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House dance is a social dance that was born in the underground clubs of Chicago and New York in the 1970s and 1980s. It is a post-disco-era genre.

House dance is born from a melting pot of different ethnic, cultural and musical background. This is a style heavily focused on footwork meaning a lot of influence is pulled from Afro, Latin and jazz roots.

House dance's basis consists of 3 main elements - footwork, jacking & lofting.

Jacking is a wavy body groove starting from the hips. It is at the core of all house steps and rhythm. That is why there are many famous house-tracks named after it: «Jacking all night long», «This is jack house», «Time to jack», «Jack your body» etc.

Footwork is the fastest part of house dance. Footwork comes from different styles such as tap, salsa, afro dance and breaking.

Lofting is a slow and drawling part of house dance. It has been born in the New York club TheLoft and takes its name from here.



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