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It is an art form of using your own bodyweight as a means to maximize human power and athletic ability

Calisthenics promote strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination while improving the body’s general well-being by performing bodyweight exercises. The exercises can function as physique builders or serve as warm-ups for more-strenuous sports or exertions.

Given it’s focus on bodyweight exercises calisthenics can be practiced with little or no traditional workout equipment such as weights or machines. Consequently it is a very accessible workout style regardless of your location. One can train in the comfort of their own home or at public parks which often attract groups of calisthenics athletes.

After mastering the basics you can incorporate your own style and approach creating endless possibilities. There is a diverse range of possible focus areas such as strength, explosiveness, bars, and flexibility. There are countless groups formed around these focus areas and learning calisthenics is a great introduction to joining them.



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